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Garden Balustrade in Mid Wales

It’s a case of ‘mission accomplished’ for a mid-Wales couple whose clear glass balustrade supplied by Balcony Systems has created the ideal safety solution for their elevated patio area while preserving far-reaching views across open countryside.

glass balconyNot only does the 29 metre glass balustrade with Balcony’s proprietary Royal Chrome anodised handrail provide the low-maintenance safety barrier, it also adds the finishing touch at Iain and Jayne Twaddle’s rural self-build home near Newtown – much to their delight.

“Our sloping site presented quite a challenge as we needed to build a stone wall to create a flat patio area with conservatory,” said Jayne. “Then we needed something to go on top of wall that did not destroy the country views and provided the required safety – there’s a drop of more than 1.5m from the top of wall down!

glass balustrade“The glass balcony was the perfect boundary to put on top of the wall which finishes under our patio area. It needed to be safe, and most importantly not spoil the splendid views – we believe we succeeded in our mission!”

Meeting Balcony Systems

Having found Balcony Systems on the internet, the couple decided to visit their Lingfield office and see the products for themselves. “Originally we had planned to use stone posts and rails, but changed our minds once we discovered Balcony Systems,” explained Iain.

glass balustrade during installation and assembly“We arranged to visit Balcony as we wanted to examine the strength of the balustrade first-hand and see how it was fixed. Everyone was extremely helpful and answered all our questions. Their advice was spot-on and technical support has been marvellous as well.”

The couple’s visit also proved helpful for their installation team as they could pass on the shared information to them. “Our builders, Davies, Roberts and Bowen, had not done anything like this before, so they watched the Balcony videos and read the material before starting.

Balcony - during installation“Once they got over the typical traditional builder question of ‘where is the corner post?’ (there isn’t one!) they got on with the job with ease and enjoyed the quality product. I would recommend them for any Mid-Wales/Borders installation.”

Self-cleaning glass

The couple had specified Balcony’s BalcoNano® self-cleaning glass coating on the panels, which dramatically reduces cleaning cycles. This durable protective coating covers the microscopically-pitted surface of glass, making it smooth and water-repellent. Dirt and other deposits cannot cling to the glass surface and either washes away easily or is simply cleaned with water and a cloth.

Balcony garden glass balustrade“As there is a large expanse of glass and being surrounded by fields and lots of farming activities, we felt it would be a good idea,” said Iain. “And yes, it’s keeping cleaner. We’re also impressed with the really good quality handrail – straight and so smooth.”

In conclusion, Jayne and Iain added: “We are really pleased with our Balcony balustrade. It has worked out as a good solution. The effect has been to create a homely border to our property – we love it!”

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