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Publishing Partnerships

Balcony Views is a new concept of magazine, and a new direct response opportunity – NOT JUST ANOTHER MAGAZINE.

Why partner with us?

In addition to the Magazine being mailed directly to our own data base of over 18,000 architects, builders, property developers and other professionals, we offer one unique element to our partners that no other magazine can offer:

Every new enquiry and lead we receive at Balcony Systems will receive as part of the information sent to them a copy of the magazine!

Therefore in addition to reaching thousands of professionals as shown below, our partners are placing their information in front of thousands of new live leads and enquiring individuals over the course of the next six months.

These are thousands of leads that we at Balcony Systems spend a pretty penny to source for ourselves.

Partners in the magazine must have or supply a product or service that is innovative, interesting and of high quality. We aim to make the magazine a keeper’s item and one with real and relevant information. It is not a “product book” as many magazines are referred to these days.

Print run 25,000 copies

  • Mailout* 18,205 copies comprising:
  • 9,119 Architects
  • 3,483 Building Contractors
  • 5,603 Property Developers
  • Distribution circa 10,000 copies
  • New Balcony Systems enquiries
  • Grand Designs Exhibition

*Mailout from data held on file by Balcony Systems – valid as of 01/04/2013

Publishing Partnership

Balcony Systems invites selected suppliers to join as Balcony Views Publishing Partners.

Platinum Partner – 4 page spread
A stunning 3 page feature including images of your products or services accompanied by a one page advertisement.

Gold Partner – 2 page spread
A superb one page editorial feature facing a one page company advertisement

  • Platinum Partner £2,235
  • Gold Partner £1,435
  • Full page £875
  • Half page £445
  • Quarter Page £235
  • Product Showcase  £2.30 per word and £65 per image or logo
  • Diary Dates £50 for full listing including web link
  • Inside front cover and outside back cover rates available on request
  • Quoted rates are ex-VAT

Publishing Partner editorial, images and advertisement are client supplied. For in-house commissioning using Balcony Views’ established network of expert designers, journalists and photographers rates are available on request.

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