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Glass Balustrades – Ireland

Balcony Systems no-maintenance, affordable glass balustrading solutions have been successfully launched to the Irish market. 

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Balustrading specialist Balcony Systems Solutions LTD offers an innovative solution for straight and curved glass balustrades, glass Juliet balconies, glass windbreaks, privacy screens and curved glass patio doors.

Irish climate and Balcony Glass

Irish coastal areas properties, particularly around the popular resort areas of Portrush, Portmore and Portstewart, are exposed to the demanding marine environment. Recently-built painted and galvanised steel balustrades are succumbing to harsh salty elements, discolouration and corrosion and need a serious maintenance.

corrosion on a steel handrailMade of glass and aluminium, the Balcony systems balustrading solutions perform excellent corrosion-resistance and save regular time-consuming and costly maintenance. They only require an occasional wipe clean.

Wide spans with minimum vertical posts increase light in new and renovated properties, luxury homes and apartments. An additional benefit of glass balustrades is wind protection that enables the users to enjoy balconies and terraces in comfot.

Balcony projects in Ireland

5 reviews on “Glass Balustrades – Ireland

  1. Jo Scott

    I’m looking to purchase a juelienne balcony but don’t know anyone who could install it in Northern Ireland. It is double door size and on a first flooor level. Have you knowledge of a business who could fit it please before I purchase, Many thanks

  2. Suzan wright

    Could I have a quote for supplying and fitting a straight three sided glass balcony in bt40 area for a 10m balcony please

  3. Erika riviere

    Hi I’m looking to just get Rough idea on price don’t want anyone to call at the moment as just moved in and want to budget. What cost for 5 Mt of glass and post balustrade on internal balcony over main Livingroom.
    I’m in kildare.

    Thank you

  4. Sean Kearney

    i am looking at a glass surround for a raised patio area can you provide me with some information


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