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Curved Glass Balustrades

Curved glass cost effective balustrades and railings for beautiful balconies and terraces with clear views.

The curve radii

curved glass balustradeIn most cases the minimum curve radii of glass balustrades is 1.6 metres to the inside of the handrail.

Balustrade System

We recommend using Orbit Glass Railing System for curved glass balustrades since it is more suitable for bending and installation. It is possible to bend Aerofoil Glass Railing System as well, but in this case senior technical personnels consultation is needed in order to ascertain whether it is feasible due to the technical limitations.

Railing paint finishes and anodizing

For curved glass balustrades it is recommended to use painted or powder coated railing finishes rather than anodised finishes. Anodised finishes have a hard brittle surface and may crack during the bending process showing visible stretch marks on the railing.

stretch marks on anodized curved rails

stretch marks on anodized curved rails

The paint finishes of curved railings can stretch and don’t have any issue. That is why it is better to use a paint finish, a white colour or a RAL colour.


Curved glass balustrades installation is more complex than straight banisters and requires experience. We recommend to employ an experienced installer who has fitted curved systems and will be able to deal with curved panels adjustments and manipulations and overcome any problem encountered without having to refer to our support team.

Curved balustrades prices

Curved balustrades are usually more expensive due to the glass curving and bending process high costs. However, Balcony Systems’ curved glass balustrades prices are very reasonable.

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3 reviews on “Curved Glass Balustrades

  1. Solomon March


    I’m looking for a curved glass balustrade for our house being built.

    Please get back to me


  2. Laura

    Hello, we are potentially looking for a curved glass panel to use as a stair railing, so 1mtr deep by about 5-6mtrs long.

    Would you mind giving me a rough cost so that i know if it’s feasible? Many thanks.

    Oh bend would only be one way, like a curl.


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