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Glass Privacy Screens and Windbreaks

Low cost, elegant and virtually maintenance free – glass privacy screens and wind barriers for residential or commercial applications.

Glass Privacy Screens

Privacy screen with clear glassA privacy screen is a frequent request. Local authorities may often request to install a privacy screen on your balcony or terrace if it overlooks a neighbour’s property.

Privacy screens are usually 1.8m high and use an opaque glass that cannot be seen through while it doesn’t prevent light from passing through.

Balcony Systems’ glass privacy screens can also be fixed to an existing structure. Wind loading is an important subject in relation to glass privacy screens. It requires an intricate calculation that takes on board the many variables that should be considered.

Glass Windscreens

Wind break on the beachGlass windscreens enhance residential or commercial applications in stair runs, decks, terraces, balconies, pool enclosures and fencing. They are especially popular in the local beach view-oriented communities.

Glass terrace or balcony glass screens are a perfect solution for windswept outdoor spaces. Glass windbreaks provide a better use of your outdoor area.

Balcony Systems engineer and fabricate affordable, elegant, functional and low maintenance glass windscreens that satisfy customers requirements and safety.

Why Balcony Systems?

  • Elegant and modern designs
  • Low maintenance
  • Super strong tested system
  • Affordable prices
  • Easy to install
  • A variety of railing and glass colours
  • Frameless glass balustrading solutions are available
  • Unique double sided self cleaning glass coating option is available

10 reviews on “Glass Privacy Screens and Windbreaks

  1. Jacqueline Fraser

    I am looking for some glass windbreakers to fit on my terrace which is on the 6th floor. It is protected on two sides (say north and south) and has two walls on the other two sides (say east and west) but the walls are too low and we get a lot of wind so would like to add some wind breakers so that we can use the terrace more.

    I would need someone to come and measure and then install the panels.

    Can you help ?


    Jacqueline Fraser

  2. Guy Saunders

    We have a seaside holiday flat at Bexhill On Sea, with a wooden balcony, with wooden plank horizontal rails. we’re interested in replacing the horizontal rails with glass screens instead to improve the view. would you be able to advise and provide an estimate please?


    Guy Saunders

  3. Emma Wyatt

    Hi I have a balcony which has iron bars and a wooden rail. I am wanting to put up a glass wind break on the inside of the railing is this something you could help me with?

  4. Alan

    Can you pls send me info on your range of screens. I am looking for something attractive that I can fit on my decking to stop cross winds. Poss 2 L shapes to create a part enclosure. Thanks alan

  5. Bernadette mc grogan

    Hi could you please send me information regarding prices etc for glass windbreaker for decking 6ft wide and 6 ft high
    Kind regards

  6. colin foster

    Dear Sir
    Last Summer I had a roof terrace installed at the rear of my bungalow in County Durham .
    I didn’t realize at the time just how windy it is up there for most of the year.

    I am looking to have transparant windscreens added on two sides of the terrace, whih is approximately 8m x 5 m .
    The flooring is wooden decking and I have spindle hand rails 1m high installed on two sides.

    Iam looking for a price and delivery and possible installation cost for suitable glass windscreen
    Best Regards

    Colin Foster

  7. john steele

    i would like a glass screen to privatise my balcony from next door width 1300mm there is a galvanised steel fence between balconies 1050 mm high

  8. Alan Lane

    We are looking for glass patio windscreens, however we live in the Highlands of Scotland.
    Could you pleas send us information?
    Thank you

    1. Celia Macdonald

      We are looking for free standing glass wind break can you help.
      2m or2x1m height 1m+
      Please provide detail and price


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