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Glass Banisters

Plan your glass balustrade using one, two and three sections banisters models.

Choose the sections width, handrail system, railing colour and the type of the glass to plan a glass bannister with standard units we offer. Alternitevely, contact us to create a custom glass balustrade according to your specifications.

1 section glass bannister

2 sections glass bannisters

3 sections glass bannisters

Railing Systems

Balcony Orbit System

Balcony Aerofoil System


The handrails are designed and fixed in a way that allows wide spans. Balustrading systems can be supplied in 4 standard colours:  White, Silver, Bronze and Royal Chrome”. It is also possible to order banisters in standard RAL colours but this is dependant on quantity.

white glass balustrades silver glass balustrades bronze glass balustrades royal chrome glass balustrades


Balcony Systems’ unique telescopic system allows tremendous posibilities in design and implementation. The posts contain 2 parts:

  • structural base post – fitted to the building structure and covered by the system post
  • system post – telescopic system that is installed at the final stage and allows to adjust the exact handrails height

Glass Types

tinted glass for balustrades

tinted glass for balustrades

Our glass banisters are supplied with a variety of glass colours and finishes, diamond polished on the visible heights.

You can also protect your glass banisters from dirt, grime and other contaminants  with the unigue double sided self cleaning glass coating that will make it look new and clean.

Permitted Loading

Usually posts are uniformly distributed at approximately 1.9m – 2.0m centres. It is assumed that the structure being fixed to can support the required loads:

  • line load on the handrail 0.74 kN/m
  • point load to infill 1.0kN

For more information, cost evaluation,
plan and installation assistance

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2 reviews on “Glass Banisters

  1. House owner from Worthing

    The elegant style of the balconies suits the seaside location very well, having clear views through the glass panels and minimal post structures. Our own installation following your instructions went very smoothly as the system is well thought out. Your assistance with drawings and checking the details of integrating to the main structure steel columns, ensured that everything fitted.

  2. Home owner from Winchester

    We’re delighted with the service from Balcony and the balcony itself. It arrived sooner than expected and the whole installation process went very smoothly. Mr. & Mrs. T. , Winchester.


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